WordPress Maintenance

WordPress is our choice for building dynamic, relevant websites – and it should be your choice too. Leading website technology, browser compatibility, mobile friendly websites that work for your business 24/7, 365 day a year! For many people, WordPress makes it easy to write your own blog (increasing both visitor engagement and potential customers); we can assist by training you or by posting for you to save you time.

Maintenance is something many people forget about – only to regret later. Like any performance vehicle, WordPress works best when it is kept up to date, all parts optimized for maximum performance. This is a regular task that we are happy to manage for you – saving both time & frustration with the technical side of your website, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

WordPress, like any software, requires regular updates to it’s core programming for improved features, faster page loads, more efficient use of memory, etc. WordPress also utilizes Themes and Plugins to add both looks and functionality to your website – these also require updating. Finally, all of this connects to a database – probably the most important part of the system to optimize, maintain and backup.

Of course, security is a pressing issue in todays web – spam, malware, hackers – all potential hazards for any website. We give you peace of mind without inconveniencing your (legitimate) visitors with a full security suite that not only prevents and blocks intrusion, but protects your data and that of your customers. We even make sure your blog (or anywhere else there are comments) stays clear of spam postings. While technology changes – and spammers look for loopholes – we have a good track record of keeping our clients sites as safe as free of problems as possible!

We offer a WordPress Maintenance package that will keep your site in top shape, secure and welcoming to both customers and search engines! Our services are billed annually, leaving you one less monthly worry.

Please contact us for rates and options to suit your needs.

Content Creation

In today’s ‘digital world’ it is imperative that you promote yourself. This has become a somewhat easier task, thanks to the proliferation of “Social Media” or “Social Networks” – though not a magical solution, by any means. Social Networks are an old idea – as old as commerce itself – it’s simply word-of-mouth advertising, testimonials from customers and good will, in a digital format! It gives you the opportunity to communicate your ideas, products & services to a much wider audience (at a much lower cost) than ever before!

Of course, this all depends on two things: creating content to promote your idea/product/service and managing those accounts to see that the content stays fresh and interactions with your public are handled efficiently and professionally.

With decades of experience in promotion & marketing and many years managing social accounts, we have a unique level of experience and expertise to manage these accounts for you. Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, Google Places, Instagram…and many more. We have helped manage accounts for businesses around the world marketing everything from Dog Training to Designer Candy.

If you want to make your social networking more effective and work for you, contact us today.

Brand Imaging

Your business is only as good as its brand. This is the face the public sees – probably more than they see you! We have been working with brand imaging for decades – since before the computer was something that would fit in your office.

Whether you need a new image, renovations to the old one, or simply need a hand getting the message out, we can assist with everything from printed material (cards, banners, etc.) to promotional material (mugs, shirts, bags & other ‘swag’) to – obviously – websites and Social Media channels.


Even your mailing list should be branded. You do have a mailing list, don’t you? In many cases your greatest marketing tool is an opt-in mailing list – customers who want to hear from you about news, specials, events, or any other pertinent update.(and may include a “subscription” or V.I.P. list).

We can setup and integrate your branded mailing list (through the fine folks at MailChimp) and give you the ability to engage your customers directly, giving them a “VIP” experience. After we set things up, your list runs for free up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month (larger lists, or more frequent emails, will incur reasonable fees). There are even mobile apps that allow you to instantly notify your list about something special.

Website Hosting

(for Website Design/Architecture, click here)

If you have a website, it needs to be hosted somewhere – somewhere with the resources you need, reliability, security and bandwidth. We offer superior quality hosting for your website; hosting on our servers also means you are covered by the security, stability & bandwidth of our Data Centre partners.

Sure, you could probably find cheap, generic, hosting somewhere – but then, “you get what you pay for”. Most basic hosting sites only include that – the basics – reeling you in with things like “unlimited bandwidth”, “unlimited storage” or “1000 Email Addresses” (which they know most websites will never use).

Whether you want hosting for a basic website, hosting for a WordPress website, or hosting with management (updates to your content), we can help. Our servers proudly use industry standard Linux for speed, stability & security; anti-spam, anti-virus and other security measures – while this doesn’t guarantee total protection (anyone who guarantees that isn’t showing you the fine print), it is highly effective. We always recommend you have your own security measures & backups in place for your computer, network & website!

All hosting includes everything you should need to run your website; including EMail addresses at your domain – either with mailboxes or forwarded to your existing mail. Access to mySQL databases is available for sites using CMS (WordPress, Drupal, etc.) or e-Commerce.

Hosting fees are charged annually – one less monthly bill for you to worry about – and are tailored to your needs; from basic DIY, to maintained WordPress sites, to maintained with content updates.

Please contact us for rates and options to suit your needs.

Fix it. Learn it. Make it RUN.

Most of our service is now conducted remotely – allowing you the convenience & privacy of your own space, but the benefit of our expertise! We do still offer drop off (and occasionally pick up or on-site) service in the Hamilton, Ontario area; please contact us for details.

We can help with the following:

  • Fixing a non-booting system
  • Data retrieval from a crashed operating system (we just need the hard drive)
  • Data/OS transfer from one machine to another
  • Malware/Virus removal
  • General system cleaning and optimization (and teaching you how to keep it that way)
  • Hardware upgrade (more RAM, new Hard Drive, etc.)
  • Anything else that seems wrong with your computer…

With thousands of hours of customer relations and teaching experience, we can not only teach you how best to accomplish the task, but in language you will understand! We may also make recommendations if you are looking for a new system or an upgrade to your present one. Two hardware recommendations we consistently make: AMD Processors (CPU) & Graphics Cards (GPU) and Seagate Hard Drives – reliable, powerful & affordable.

Desktop Linux

Tired of paying through the nose for an operating system & software you can’t update (or one that forces you to pay extra for upgrades)? Worried about malware/viruses? We have the solution…

Don’t be intimidated, using Linux is probably even easier than what you’re used to – there is barely a learning curve. More stable, more secure (virtually malware/virus proof), loaded with software – and more at your fingertips…for free!

We generally recommend Ubuntu Linux – one of the most popular ‘distros’ in the world; powered by Canonical and the Open Source Community, Ubuntu comes in versions for everyone that work on your desktop, laptop, netbook…

Ubuntu |oǒ’boǒntoō| is a word from the Nguni languages of Zulu and Xhosa meaning ‘humanity to others’. It also means ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’. The Ubuntu operating system brings the spirit of Ubuntu to the world of computers.

There are other Linux ‘flavours’ suitable for running on less robust hardware, all with the same security and basic features.

We can backup your important data (documents, music, video, photos…), install Ubuntu and return your files to where you can easily find them! We’ll also install LibreOffice (a full, free, up-to-date “office suite” with more useful features than you’re used to) and a suite of typically useful (and familiar) programs to get you going. You can always find & install more yourself with a single click on the built in “software centre” – no confusing licensing agreements or multiple click installs! We can even transfer email, contacts & calendars to Mozilla Thunderbird (though this takes a little extra work) – the best Open Source Email Client in the world.

When it’s complete, we’ll give you the tour on how to use it and you’ll be ready to do all the things you want to do on your computer – and upgrades are automatic*!

* because Linux is a secure system, upgrades will usually require your password