Need A Website?

When you talk to people about your business, the first thing they will check is your website (even if you don’t mention it – they will look for it). Your website reflects you business image – if it’s outdated and over-complicated, you’ve immediately lost a potential client or investor. Even worse, you don’t have one (or insist that a page on a social media server will do).

“But I can build a free one on {insert overpopulated freebie-with-an-upsell website here}” – remember the expression, “you get what you pay for”? Sometimes, not even that. The same applies to Domain Registrars who spend millions of dollars in misogynistic advertising, but don’t deliver quality services (or charge extra for everything).

  • If it can’t be easily viewed on a mobile device, you’re not reaching +55% of your market.
  • If it’s not easy to get in touch with you (proper webform for email, phone, address…), they won’t bother.
  • If the site isn’t well referenced by search engines, someone else is getting your business.
  • If it doesn’t ‘share’ well on social media, you’ve lost an important marketing tool.
  • If it’s difficult/expensive to update, it won’t be used to it’s full potential.

You need a new, professional website. That works & will be found.

We offer you:

  • architecture/building a new website, using an industry standard Content Management System
  • fully compatible with mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.)
  • ability to make basic changes yourself adding text or images…saving you hundreds more in management fees!
  • built in blog or newsfeed
  • lightboxed image galleries, browsable on any device
  • optional built in email list (think of it as a VIP list for customers & potential customers)
  • include audio or video streaming (YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify…)
  • links ot your Social Media pages
  • secure webform for contact (can be customized)
  • proper setup for search engine listings
  • enhanced security
  • superior knowledge and experience, matched with swift response/solution for any questions/issues
  • depending on your business or service, we can connect you with photography, graphic design, proofreading, editing…

If you’re not already doing so, it is highly recommended you use our hosting – for a competitive annual fee based on your needs (hosting vs hosting + management) your site will be hosted on one of the world’s most secure, reliable and efficient data streams. Our server is dedicated to our clients only, with strict security protocols. For more information see this page.

* Please note certain limitations may apply to the website(s) & content we will design or host:

  • while it should be obvious that anything illegal (or perceived to be), in poor taste, hateful or in any way questionable in our opinion will never be hosted on our servers. Anything that falls into these categories after the fact, will be immediately removed and if necessary, reported to any authorities necessary.
  • fees are for the creation & architecture of a professional, functional website – you are responsible for providing content (text, photos, links to vidcos. etc.). This does not include any unusual programming, large inventory e-commerce sites, relational databases, or anything above and beyond a ‘normal’ website – who, what, where, how much, how often.
  • there are no refunds for any reason.