Technology is always changing, and Shinobi Resources changes with it…small changes in some ways; but then, it’s often the small changes that matter!

By applying myself to the task for many years, and in the end learning change,
I should make no big mistakes.


We have had a web presence for more than 20 years – long before many people had discovered the Internet – and have been “online” for some years before that. We have seen many changes; dialup Modems to Gigabit Routers, monochrome graphics to full colour HD, 8 bit processors to an octo-core CPU that fits in a phone!

Throughout all these technological leaps, one thing remains constant – people and technology working together (and occasionally, not working together).

We are here to assist in that ongoing relationship, to help you and your technology work together – efficiently, securely and productively.

Lately, the big change has been helping people move their small business online – eCommerce. Especially for artists (Authors, Illustrators, Musicians, Special FX, Jewellery…) who have found that taking control over selling their own works is easier and more profitable than having someone else do it.